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Nautical Artist J.A. Kendall

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Old Iron Side Danmark Uss Constitution


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Golden Hind II Kruzenshtern Sir Winston Churchill


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Balclutha Guayas Sea Cloud


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Eagle Christian Radich Gorch Fock II




Hand signed Litho

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8 x 10


Hand signed Litho

Dar Pormorza


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JOHN ALLAN KENDALL was born on leap day, February 29th, 1944 in Nashua, New Hampshire and grew up in a nearby town called Litchfield. He graduated from Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire in 1962 and from the University of New Hampshire four years later with a degree in Art Education. He taught 1st – 12th grade art in both Sunapee and New London, New Hampshire for three years before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from San Francisco State College in 1972 with a MA degree in Creative Arts.

Kendall developed the technique he calls" Sepia Pen & Ink Wash Drawings" while completing his master’s project at the houseboat community in Sausalito, California. Sepia brown ink seemed to capture the warmth and feeling of the area. The early experience of living at this houseboat community, for six years, among the old ferryboats and riverboats, certainly helped the artist years later in the field of Marine Art. Since the series of houseboat scenes the artist has also done a series of San Francisco street scenes, New Orleans street scenes and Jazz Musicians, and scenes of Ibiza, Spain (a small island in the Mediterranean) where he lived for a number of years. The scenes of the island are a real contrast to the drawing the artist did, on location, of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. Since 1980 Kendall has specialized in Marine Art and has a series of "Tall Ships" in print. The "Tall Ships" series thus far is from photographs the artist took at "Boston Jubilee 350" (celebrating the 350th anniversary of Boston) in June of 1980, before a trans-Atlantic race and at "Sail Amsterdam" six weeks later, at the completion of the race. Since then further research photographs to work from, were taken by the artist at "Sail Amsterdam" in 1985, and again in 1990. Still photographs taken at the "Statue of Liberty Celebration," as well as hundreds of photographs taken in 1992 at "Sail New York, " "Sail Boston, " and Newport, Rhode Island round out his research.

Eventually, Kendall hopes to do drawings of all the major class A "Tall Ships". When complete, he would like to publish a book showing all of these beautiful sailing ships in their various moods (under full sail, coming through the fog, in port, etc.) An average of 200 – 250 hours each is spent on each original drawing. Using a magnifying glass helps the artist capture the detail he wants. Look close and you’ll see the bearded figure of the artist in each of his works. After a year of doing commissions of private yachts in Antibes, on the "French Riviera", the artist returned to New Hampshire where he is continuing his "Tall Ship" series and is again teaching art (kindergarten through eight grade) in Henniker, New Hampshire, "the Only Henniker on Earth". Kendall loves to share his enthusiasm for Marine Art with his students and feels that one is never to young to develop an awareness of these beautiful sailing ships and the sea.

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